Frequently asked questions and recommendations:

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  1. Filling out the budget request form 5 minutes.
  2. Coordination of visit to make the budget 24 hours. After filling out the budget request form.
  3. Visit to budget. 45 minutes.
  4. Budget delivery. 24 hours.
  5. Procurement of the material to be installed. 7 days, if the material is in the store.
    • You must make the selection of material, color and design. It can be the brand you want.
    • We recommend Vinyl Plank Flooring priced above $1.20 per square foot. Lower prices. It is possible that a higher reduction percentage is requested in the purchase of the material and the installer will be more demanding in the state of the subfloor in which your new floor will be installed.
    • We recommend choosing the material that is in the store, otherwise it may take up to 3 months to receive the material. “We do not sell material, this service company”Usted debe hacer la selección de material, color y diseño. Puede ser de la marca que usted desee.
  6. Acclimatization of the material 3 days.
    The material must rest in the same place of installation for at least 3 days to avoid expansion due to sudden changes in temperature.
  7. Minimum installation 1 day depending on the size of the job and its complexity, up to 450 square feet can be done in one day.
    A 1250 square foot job can take approximately 3 days depending on its complexity.

Duration from start to finish of your project, considering you have 1250 square feet. 15 days.

Types of direction in the installation of floors:

a. Direction from the front facing to the back facing of the house.
b. From neighbor to neighbor.
c. Diagonal (This has an additional cost per linear wall skin, plus a much higher cost of material).

  • For the installer, it will be faster and material will be saved if it is installed across corridors or narrow places. Although each project has its challenges. Furniture, appliances and surfaces to be removed are also taken into account (Crockery, vinyl and wood with nails…)
  • Architecturally speaking it is believed that the mind sees the largest spaces if the lines of the material are in the same direction as the front door.


It is recommended to follow the advice of the installer before beginning the project, if you want the project to be completed faster and use less material. Making the steering more difficult can take up to one more day for project completion.

Please remove from the workplace any personal items, especially those of value. Also the tools, especially if they are the same as those used by the installer.

Pictures and objects hanging on the walls must be removed before starting work. Especially if they have glass. One of our main tools is the hammer and the use of our tools and the vibration produced can cause objects to fall.

Furniture, appliances and entertainment centers are charged for risk of damage to the same, risk of damage to the installed flooring and delay in installation, among others. “Moving them is the least of it.”

If you want to save that investment, you must move the furniture, appliances and entertainment centers yourself, prior to the arrival of the installers and for no reason should they be in the work area or access roads to work.

The condition of the surface of your floor can only be guaranteed after removing the old flooring, whether it is carpet, floating flooring, nailed or glued flooring, tile, among others.

The floor cannot be installed without prior leveling work, if the surface has a slope of 3/4″ or more with a level of 6′. Take into consideration that if we are subcontracting through HomeDepot it is not allowed to continue with the work.


It is advisable to use sheets or towels to cover furniture, shelves and kitchens.

The greatest amount of dust and grime arises during demolition and removal of previous soils.

It is advisable to plan a deep cleaning by specialists after finishing the project.

Recomendamos a Fenix Cleaning, LLC compañía de limpieza que trabajan en nuestra misma área. Use el código (Colmena LLC) para recibir un descuento de $15 en la primera limpieza.

During the preparation of the budget, you will be asked if your furniture and/or appliances will be moved by you or by the installers, since moving them will generate an investment on your part. In the event that you want to save money by moving these furniture or appliances, they cannot be in the place of installation, nor in the access roads to work. Otherwise you will be charged for their movement. It is appreciated to vacate furniture, refrigerators for easy mobility and reduce the risk of damage.

If we are hired only for the installation of floors, we do not connect or disconnect water, electricity and gas lines. They must be unplugged before the installation begins.

With humidity, each material has a tolerance range and it is recommended to keep the places dry, if it is known in advance that there is a liquid leak in the place of installation, a previous solution is recommended.

Solid or engineered nailed wood is just as it sounds. A nail or fastener is driven through the material on its tongue using a pneumatic fastener. The groove in the next board covers that nail, giving it a clean finished look.

The subfloor must be suitable for nailing. That means a wood subfloor with enough thickness and durability to not only support the floor, but also hold fasteners over time.

Sometimes it is not possible to nail down a floor due to the material of the floor. Other times, nailing down a floor is not possible because of the subfloor.

Gluing down the floor is a great alternative to nailing, especially over concrete subfloors.

The adhesive is applied to the subfloor at a specified rate using a special notched trowel or other application device. The flooring is then laid over the adhesive and pushed or tapped into place to make solid contact.

While they actually use a thin-set mortar to adhere to the subfloor, ceramic or porcelain tile could be considered glued down flooring because a mechanical fastener is not used.





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